Casey is our most cuddly team member. He is happy to keep you company while you wait and if you insist he will let you rub his belly. In his spare time, he is a connoisseur of all things edible.


What can we say he just likes to fix cars! After 18 years in the trade he decided his own adventure was long past due. A certified technician that like so many of us grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan now has a local community shop to call home.


Mike is a technician with many years experience, and a drive to continue learning as the automotive service trade advances.  He will fit well as his first name also starts with a M.


An aspiring technician from a small town in Saskatchewan. He has been fixing cars most of his life. An apprentice that is a valuable asset to the CJ Karz team.


Well Calvin came with the shop purchase what more can we say!